The Value of a Pool Professional

Posted by Tim Roadnight
The Value of a Pool Professional

The Value of a Pool Professional

Owning your very own pool can be wonderful. In the morning, you can get up and exercise without driving to the gym, and in the evening you can relax in the refreshing water without worrying about the gym closing time or a stressful drive back home. Furthermore, everyone knows pool parties are the best kind of parties. But as many pool owners already know, pool maintenance can turn a beloved pool into a dreaded chore.

It might seem like a great idea to cut costs and do it yourself, but cleaning your pool on your own isn’t economical or easy. Low-quality pool vacuums can take hours to clean even the smallest pools, and mistakes may damage your pool. Storing and handling harsh chemicals can be dangerous to children and pets. Making a mistake with them can turn your pool into a toxic soup that can take days, or even weeks, to normalize. Testing the water might only take a few minutes but the results may not always be accurate. One might think test strips are the answer. In order for test strips to show the most accurate results, they must be stored in a cool dry place, the expiration date must not be expired and you must run your pool filter for at least an hour before testing.

Now that you have tested your pool even though your test strip colors may have been hard to distinguish, you’re now thinking your water chemistry is off. It is a beautiful warm sunny day and the thought of relaxing by the pool is now history. Off to the pool store, you must go. The time you lose running to the store to buy PH increase or decrease is valuable. When you return the big question is how much do I add? In order for chlorine to maintain its stability, the water chemistry such as PH and alkalinity must be at their optimum level.

Last but not least, let’s not forget that storing the bulky pool maintenance equipment and chemicals can take up valuable storage space, or even require a new shed.

Obviously, hiring a pool professional isn’t just quick and easy– it’s the right thing to do if you want to maintain your pool properly and retain its value for years to come. The professional pool cleaners at Pool Knights are not only experienced in maintaining a variety of pools, but they also follow best practices when handling the chemicals or salts that keep your pool sparkling clean, healthy and bright.

A pool professional has the cleaning tools that are fast and thorough, so there’s no more missing that one tiny patch of algae that will turn a pool green overnight. The Pool Knights team will clean and maintain your pool beyond your expectations. Best of all after a long week at work, you won’t be spending your weekends maintaining your pool. You’ll be enjoying it instead!

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