Pool Cleaning in The Swanky Suburb, The Woodlands, TX

Posted by Tim Roadnight
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Pool Cleaning in The Swanky Suburb

If you’ve recently moved to The Woodlands or are planning to become a resident of one of Houston’s nicest neighborhoods, there’s a good chance your home will have a pool.

Pool Care

Are you trying to get pool service each time you need the pool cleaned and getting no results? If so you are not finding the right pool service company. In the meantime, it’s a good idea to learn about total pool care when you’re not using the best pool cleaning company in the area. There’s a reason (or two) why The Woodlands was recently dubbed the best city to live in in the state of Texas, and you can do your part to keep the community looking great once you’re a resident. Here are a few tips for weekly maintenance and seasonal upkeep that will ensure that you, your family and loved ones can enjoy the pool whenever you want.

Skim the Pool Surface

Total pool care includes skimming the surface of the pool manually every 3-4 days. This is an easy way to keep your pool clean, since debris will eventually sink to the bottom of the pool, making it harder to remove. A net with a long handle is best for getting rid of pool debris and will help you to lift leaves, branch pieces, and bugs out of your pool. When you skim the pool often, you won’t have to put as much chlorine in your pool to purify the water, which makes the water safer for everyone.

It’s also a good idea to clean the strainer baskets of your pool once a week. Simply remove the basket and shake out any debris or hose it if there are stubborn materials in the basket that are harder to get out. For above-ground pools, the strainer baskets are usually attached to the side of the pool; the basket is in the pool deck if your pool is in-ground.

Vacuum and Brush the Pool

Once you get settled in The Woodlands, you’ll likely want to vacuum your pool and brush the tile around the pool to keep the area looking great. To achieve total pool care on a regular basis, you should vacuum the pool as part of weekly maintenance. This assures that the water is clean and safe to swim in. Weekly vacuuming also means that you won’t have to add large amounts of chlorine to your pool, and since summers in Houston can get pretty hot, you’ll want to make sure you can use the pool as often as possible.

Every time you vacuum, you should check your pool’s filter and clean it if need be. Also, brush the tile and walls of the pool about once a week to keep algae and calcium from collecting on these surfaces.

Finally, the materials you use to clean your pool’s surfaces will depend on what these surfaces are made from. If the walls are made from fiberglass or vinyl, use a soft brush that is strong enough to remove debris. A stiff brush is best for pool surfaces that are lined with plaster. If you’re cleaning tile, a soft brush is effective, or you can use a putty knife or pumice stone.

As you can see a pool is a big upkeep. If you live in this swanky suburb and feel the up-keep is too much, Pool Knights are here to the rescue! Let us help you maintain your swanky suburb swimming pool with a maintenance plan that is right for you. Contact Pool Knights, TX today to get started.