6 Essential Swimming Pool Pet Safety Tips for Our Best Furry Friends

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Essential Swimming Pool Pet Safety Tips for Our Best Furry Friends

6 Swimming Pool Pet Safety Tips

Now that summer has been in full swing, you and your family have likely been spending more time in the pool. This may also mean that your furry family members have wanted to take a dip in the pool, as well. To keep your pets safe, remember these important pet pool safety tips so that pool time is truly fun for all.

Pool Fence

Getting a pet pool fence may be your best bet to keep your pets out of the pool when you’re not there to supervise them. There is a pool fence designed for cats that have a slope on the top where cats would normally jump the fence to prevent them from getting into the pool. There is also a pet pool fence designed for dogs that works like an electric fence but doesn’t injure the dog.

Pool Alarm

Even if you decide to get a pool installed with a fence around it, it’s also a good idea to get a pool alarm. This will alert you right away if one of your pets has gotten into the pool or is close to it.

Pool Safety Ramp

You may also want to get a dog pool safety ramp so that your pet can get out of the pool safely. These types of devices are available for cats, as well. Most dogs and cats can swim, but the pool can become dangerous if the animals don’t see a way to get out of the pool. Since they can’t swim to the edge of the pool and climb out or use the stairs like a human would, they may get tired from swimming and drown. This is why the ramp is so important. If your furry friend loves getting into the pool, train your pet to use this ramp so that pool time will be safer.

Swim Lessons

While your pet can most likely swim or, at least, paddle water, you can ensure their safety even more by getting swimming lessons for your pet. The more comfortable your dog or cat feels in the water and the more skilled they are, the less you’ll have to worry about them drowning or being injured in the pool. When it comes to pool safety for dogs, keep in mind that some breeds, like Bassett hounds, should never be in the water. If you decide to get swimming lessons for your pet, be sure to ask how safe it is for your pet to be in or near the water. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on your swimming skills as well, so that you can rescue your puppy or kitten if need be.


Finally, be sure to get trained in pet CPR before you let your pets get into the pool. It’s important to know what to do if your pet stops breathing or has water lodged in the mouth or chest area. You can also purchase a life jacket for your pet. Simply put it on before you and your family go outside, even if you’re not getting in the pool right away. This way, if your pet falls in the pool or decides to go for a swim, you can feel secure that your dog or cat can maneuver safely.

Pool Maintenance

Last but not least an addition to our list of swimming pool pet safety tips is making sure the pool water is chemically balanced. This is not only important for the health of people but for our loved furry friends as well. We certainly do not want to see them come out of the pool, shake off and see their super red eyes.  This is where the pool professional pool maintenance company “Pool Knights” can come to help. Pool Knights is located in Spring, TX and we provide pool service to all of the surrounding Houston, TX areas including the Woodlands and beyond.