How to Maintain a Refreshing Crystal Clear Pool

Posted by Tim Roadnight

Crystal Clear Pool Maintenance

Whether you’re a new or experienced pool owner, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of proper pool maintenance. This not only makes the pool visually appealing but guarantees that the water is safe for you and your family. Here are some tips on how to clear cloudy pool water fast to ensure safe swimming for family and friends.

Clear Cloudy Pool Water Fast

There are a few simple steps to cleaning a pool that should only take a few minutes in terms of setup. These steps are vital as they keep the water free of contaminants and make the pool more inviting. Allow the water to circulate for at least 8 hours a day (let it circulate for 12 hours for larger or deeper pools). When the water circulates, this reduces the chances that bacteria and algae will settle and thrive in the pool. Circulation also makes it easier for any cleaning agents, salt and chlorine materials to be evenly distributed throughout the water.

Develop A Swimming Pool Maintenance Plan

You should also add weekly cleaning and shock treatments to your swimming pool maintenance guide. Shock treatments work well for pools, allowing quick removal of excess chlorine and toxins from the water. This helps to establish a balanced pH, making a pool safer to enjoy all summer long. Multiple shock treatments in a week may be necessary if your guests experience red or itchy eyes after using the pool. Shock treatments may also be necessary if there have been heavy winds or rainstorms in your area. In fact, any severe weather—unseasonably hot or cold conditions can make it easier for algae or bacteria to thrive. If your pool gets lots of use or if the water develops an odor, more shock treatment may be needed.

Leave It To The Professionals

There are several chemicals that you can use to ensure that your pool water is as clean as possible. It’s important to know about chemicals including sanitizers, oxidizers, and water balancers that keep a pool clean and safe. There are also specialty chemicals for added safety such as algaecides, enzymes, clarifiers, filter cleaners, and even stain removers. Each of these chemicals serves a vital purpose in the overall life of your pool and should be used as necessary. Many pool owners, commendably, seek to maintain their pools on their own, often in hopes of saving money. However, if these chemicals are not handled properly, they can cause serious health problems.

This is why you should contact pool care professionals for the maintenance of your pool. Such experts provide safety tips and manageable instructions for keeping your pool water looking its best. Hiring the team at Pool Knights will ensure that harmful pool contaminants are kept away from children and pets. Our professionals are skilled in all aspects of pool maintenance, including the proper administration of chemicals and cleaners. For additional information on how to keep a refreshing crystal clear pool, contact Pool Knights here.