All You Need To Know About Shocking A Pool Right Here!

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All You Need To Know About Shocking A Pool Right Here!

Shocking A Pool

Pool shocking, also referred to as super chlorinating, helps to keep the water in the pool safe. With this technique, the pool is treated with up to five times the normal amount of sanitizer and chlorine. The process eliminates unnecessary amounts of chlorine and helps to remove bacteria and other harmful organisms in the pool. It’s important to know this method so that the water is clean and safe for swimming at all times.

How to Shock a Pool With Liquid Chlorine

When you’re shocking a pool using liquid chlorine, the timing is important. Regular shocking is best, but the regularity is dependent on how many people consistently use the pool. Your shocking schedule will also depend on the temperature of the water in the pool. Test the pool to see how much free available chlorine and combined available chlorine are in the water before shocking.

The chemicals you’re using to shock the pool should always be added to water; never the other way around. Fill a five-gallon bucket with water from your pool, then add the chlorine and other chemicals. Stir the contents thoroughly and pour the solution right in front of a return line fitting. A return line is the stream of water coming from the filter into the pool.

It’s best to shock the pool about once every 30 days. If you’re shocking warm water, shocking twice a month is recommended. In the summer and spring when the pool is used more often, a weekly shocking may be necessary. Add excess chlorine to the pool after a heavy rainfall, or after a heat wave.

How to Shock a Pool That Is Green

If the pool water is below 1ppm, this means there’s not enough chlorine in the pool. The result is the formation of algae, which makes the pool water green. Algae grow constantly, so if you notice that the water easily breeds algae, pool maintenance is necessary every few days. Test the pH and add sodium carbonate if it’s too high or sodium bisulfate if it’s too low.

Best Time of Day to Shock Pool

It’s best to start the pool shocking process after sundown. This prevents UV rays from the sun from changing the effectiveness of the chlorine and other cleaning chemicals.

How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump After Shocking?

It’s best to run the pool pump for 12 to 24 hours after shocking. After 1-2 days, if there is still see algae or other organisms in the pool, start the process again. First, run the pump, then clean the large pieces of debris and do another shock treatment.

How Long After Shocking A Pool Before Swimming?

Check the pH and chlorine levels of the pool so you’ll know when it’s safe to swim again. When the water reading is 3ppm or less, you can start enjoying your pool once more.

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