How to Remove Swimming Pool Stains

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How to Remove Swimming Pool Stains

Removal of All Types of Swimming Pool Stains


Having a pool is extremely fun and rewarding. However, there are lots of responsibilities that come with being a pool owner. In addition to ensuring that the water chemistry is balanced and the pool is free of debris, stain prevention and removal is also important. Here are some practical tips for making sure your pool remains stain-free.

How to Remove Stains from Pool Plaster

Plaster pools are pretty common, and the surface is often a combination of finely ground sand and cement. Plaster is also popular because it can be molded into almost any shape to accommodate the space in your yard. To get rid of stains in pool plaster, attach an emery stone to the pool cleaning pole. This will make it easier to reach the stain, and the emery stone helps to remove stains. However, this method can leave a mark behind after the stain is clean. So it’s best to use the emery stone if the stain isn’t too large.

You can also use granular chlorine to get rid of a stain on pool plaster. Turn off the pool pump, make sure that the water is no longer moving, then apply the chlorine to the stain. The stain lifts in a few hours. Even though you should clean the plaster regularly, it’s best to have it completely replaced every 15 years or so.

How to Remove Algae Stains From Pool

To get algae out of the pool, you’ll need to go to a home repair store and get algae cleaner. This can be sprayed directly on the pool’s surface.   After spraying the solution on the pool, scrub it with a firm brush. Rinse the pool surface with a hose, and repeat this process as often as needed.

How to Remove Copper Stains From Pool

If you see green or brown stains in or around the pool, this is more than likely copper. Copper stains can be treated by “shocking” the pool with a high dose of chlorine to oxidize the stain. However, if dirt and other minerals are in the pool, they could make the stain darker. Adding a metal eliminator to the water can help to fix this problem. Making sure that the water is not too acidic can also keep copper stains from forming.

How to Remove Leaf Stains From Pool

If trees surround your pool, you’re likely to see some fallen leaves in the water. This is especially common during the fall season. While getting a secure pool cover can help with this, you may find that a few leaf stains may be left behind. When the leaves aren’t picked up right away, they leave tannin oils on the surface of the pool. A solution of stain-dissolving ingredients is necessary to remove the stain. The cleaning products often contain acid to remove tannin residue successfully.

How to Remove Salt Stains From Pool

Salt stains often look like small spots of rust in the pool. This is more likely if the pool salt is low to medium quality. There are some cleaning kits with acids and mineral neutralizers that you can purchase from pool supply stores to reduce the salt. It’s also best not to add salt to the pool while the pH of the water is high. When the pH is too high, the salt is not able to hold metals and minerals in the proper suspension.

Need Help Removing Pool Stains?

When you need help removing pool stains and need your pool thoroughly cleaned, it is essential to hire a professional team to get the job done. Pool Knights have the tools and methods to remove pool stains and get your pool looking like new again. The Pool Knights team will also share important information with you that may help you avoid further pool damage. Pool Knights services the Woodlands, Spring and the surrounding Houston TX areas. You can take a look at before and after photos and set up a consultation, contact Pool Knights.