Why CO2 Is Essential In Swimming Pool Water

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Why CO2 Is Essential In Swimming Pool Water

CO2 Becoming Increasingly More Popular

Now that you’ve decided to have a pool installed or already have a pool on your property, you’ll need to know the chemicals that make the water safe. CO2 is necessary for healthy pool water, and this substance has a number of benefits for the environment. There is a small amount (up to 0.06%) of carbon dioxide that naturally occurs in the air we breathe. A small amount of this is absorbed by water, which can help maintain the health of your pool water. Here are a few things you need to know about adding CO2 to your pool.

Why Is Carbon Dioxide Added to Pool or Spa Water?

CO2 or carbon dioxide is a compound that is common in nature. You can find CO2 in the air since trees and flowers “breathe” this compound in for survival. Animals and humans release CO2 by exhaling. CO2 also causes the bubbles in soft drinks. When carbon dioxide is warm, it is a gas. When the compound is cold, it turns into a solid known as dry ice.

CO2 stands out from other mineral acids because it can’t be mixed with calcium or sodium hypochlorite while in liquid form. This means that CO2 won’t create chlorine gas. CO2 helps to keep your pool safe and doesn’t have a negative reaction with many of the chemicals you use to clean your pool.

pH Control Using CO2

CO2 is introduced to the water from the air around the pool. However, the compound can also be produced in your swimming pool when you add acid to the water. When acid is in the water, the pH, and the alkalinity of the water decreases. This is because the acid has a natural reaction with the bicarbonate in the water. This reaction creates carbonic acid and aqueous CO2.

There are also some studies that indicate that CO2 could be environmentally beneficial. When you put CO2 in your swimming pool, you’ll be reducing the carbon footprint of the pool. Your pool won’t produce as many greenhouse gases. Studies also indicate that pools that switch from hydrochloric acid to CO2 don’t consume as much chlorine. There is also a smaller amount of oxidants floating on the water’s surface and overall lower pool water alkalinity.

Maintaining Your Swimming Pool Water

When you have the right amount of CO2 in your pool, process control is easier. This is because carbon dioxide has a natural buffering characteristic. This means that you’ll get more accurate pH readings when you test the pool water. A precise reading means you’ll be able to avoid adding excess chemicals and minerals to improve the condition of the water.

Carbon dioxide also doesn’t cause secondary pollution. This is not the case with chemicals like sulfates and hydrochloric acid, which are often used to clean the pool. Adding CO2 to the water creates chemical a balance because it helps to form carbonates and bicarbonates. This composition increases the chances that solids will dissolve in the water. Fortunately, CO2 won’t make the pool more alkaline; alkalinity often leads to corrosion.

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