In the Swim of Things – The Secret to Crystal Clear Pool Water

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In the Swim of Things - The Secret to Crystal Clear Pool Water

Tips For Crystal Clear Pool Water

When the weather outside is hot and steamy, there is nothing quite as relaxing as a dip in your very own swimming pool. It does not matter if that pool is a simple above-ground model you bought at the local discount store or a backyard-covering affair fit for an Olympian – just taking a quick swim will cool you off and make you feel better.

Unfortunately, that relaxing dip in the pool does not always go as planned. Many pool owners have climbed the diving board or trod up the ladder, only to find an accumulation of algae instead of the crystal clear water they were expecting.

If you want your pool to remain clean and your swims to stay refreshing, you need to take a proactive approach to its care and maintenance. Even the most expensive swimming pool will not take care of itself, and the more you know about pool maintenance, the easier it will be to keep that water clean and crystal clear. Here are some tips for keeping your backyard oasis in tip-top shape.

Change the Filters Frequently

When you are using your swimming pool every day, the filters may not last as long as you expect, or as long as advertised. You should check the filters on your swimming pool every week – and replace them whenever they are worn or dirty.

Use an Automatic Cleaner

When your pool is open and available for use, it is also open to the elements. All those fallen leaves and other contaminants could turn your formerly crystal clear pool water dark and dank, so head off the problem with an automatic cleaner. An automatic cleaner is always on duty, scouring the pool water for leaves and other debris, so you can enjoy crystal clear water every time you swim.

Watch the Little Ones

Kids love to swim, but those little bladders are not always reliable. If you have young kids in the family or plan to welcome little swimmers, keep a close eye on them – both for their safety and the safety of your pool water. Frequent bathroom breaks are a must, and if accidents happen, be sure to purify the pool water with extra chlorine or chemicals.

Use a Pool Maintenance Company

If you really want to keep your pool in pristine condition, do yourself, and your family, a favor by hiring a professional maintenance company. Letting the maintenance to the pros is a smart thing to do, and it will give you more time to swim and actually enjoy your backyard.

There is nothing quite as great as a refreshing dip in a crystal clear pool. As the weather gets warmer, the value of your backyard swimming pool will become even more apparent, but that clean water will not happen by accident. Taking a few proactive steps now, including hiring a quality pool maintenance company, is the best way to ensure a season filled with sun, fun and healthy swimming.

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