Pool Clarifiers vs Flocculants: Know the Difference!

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Pool Clarifiers vs Flocculants: Know the Difference!

Flocculants & Clarifiers Help to Keep Your Pool Functioning Well

There is a considerable amount of maintenance that goes into having a pool. However, at Pool Knights, we are qualified to provide you with all the assistance you need to ensure your pool is safe and enjoyable. Flocculants and clarifiers are important aspects of keeping your pool functioning well. These chemicals help to keep the water safe for swimming.

What Does a Swimming Pool Flocculant Do?

Pool flocculant takes all the particles that cloud pool water and sinks them to the pool bottom. After the flocculant does its job, you’ll have to vacuum the particles out of the pool. A flocculant is a fast-acting chemical, so it doesn’t take long for all the particles to settle to the bottom of the pool. Add the flocculant solution to the pool and allow the pool filter to run for about two hours. Afterward, you should be able to easily vacuum all the debris. Be sure to put the sand filter on the recirculate setting before adding the flocculant.

Is Pool Clarifier the Same as Flocculant?

Pool clarifier and flocculant have similar functions. However, clarifier does more of the work for you because it helps the filter work more efficiently. When you use a flocculant, you still have to vacuum all the pool particles out of the pool. The size and shape of your pool can help you determine whether flocculant or clarifier is right for you.

Does a Pool Clarifier Work?

Your filter is the main component for keeping the swimming pool clean. However, pool clarifier helps the filter to work more efficiently.

Clarifiers work by assisting the pool filter in picking up extremely small particles that make the pool water cloudy. This is done by the process of coagulation, which means the clarifier brings the small particles together to form larger particles. The filter is able to capture the larger particles, and this process cleans the water. When you have a clarifier, you’re also extending the life of your pool filter, since the filter won’t have to work as hard to do its job.

If you are using a clarifier, it’s best to run the pool for 24 hours a day until the water is totally clear. Follow this procedure if you make sure all particles are removed from your pool water.

It’s also a good idea to turn the main pool drain on. This is usually located at the bottom of the pool. When the drain is turned, the water from the very bottom of the pool can find its way to the filter. Use a manual vacuum if your pool doesn’t have a main drain. Leave the vacuum turned upside down in the bottom of the pool to guide the water to the filter.

Continuing to swim in your pool while the filter is on can also improve the job of the clarifier. When you swim, you’re kicking up the particles at the base of the pool. This makes it easier for your skimmer to capture the cloudy water. If you have a sand filter in your pool, you can also make the most of clarifier by buying a filter enhancer. This causes the sand filter to act like a diatomaceous earth filter (DE). The filter enhancer makes it easier to pick up smaller particles.

Contact Pool Knights, servicing Spring, the Woodlands, and the areas of Houston, TX for all your pool maintenance needs. We’ll provide the best flocculants and clarifiers based on your pool type and needs. Our professional staff is also available to answer all your pool maintenance questions. We work with your schedule and preferences to make sure that your pool is always working at its best.