Why Your Backyard Needs Power Washing

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Why Your Backyard Needs Power Washing

Why Your Backyard Needs Power Washing

Another service that Pool Knights offers is power washing. Keeping up with pool maintenance keeps your entire area in good shape and will allow you to enjoy the space you have created. Don’t let dirty decking get in your way this summer. Read our list to find out how power washing might help your pool area look new again.

Pool Decking

Pool decking takes a lot of abuse.  It has to deal with constant water splashing over it, the chemicals from your pool, dirty feet, mud, rain, and more. This can take a toll on the surface and leave staining, discoloration, and a general dirty look. Power washing can strip all this back down to the original clean look, giving you a beautiful pool area once again.

Mildew And Algae

Mildew and algae both love wet areas. They can attach themselves to your pool decking, liner, or even your pool furniture. Depending on the type of furniture, we can power wash all the gunk right off, leaving you with the beautiful space you started with once again. No longer will you have to worry about your guests sliding on the slippery surfaces. We can blast if right off for you and get things back to safety.


The longer you leave stains on your decking, the harder they are to remove later. Having your decking power washed regularly removes stains before they build up and become impossible to clean. Set-in stains pose a problem because they detract from the clean look of your pool. By removing stains and built-in dirt, we can help you bring the beauty back to your entertaining space.

Pool Knights is at your service to bring out the best in your pool. Don’t wait to call until it is too late for us to help you fix something. We’d be happy to help you turn your green pool back to blue, and to restore the beauty to your inground pool. Give us a call today for a free quote.

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