Swimming Pool Maintenance – Cleaning A Pool Cartridge Filter

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Cleaning A Pool Cartridge Filter

Your pool’s filtration system operates behind the scenes to keep your pool clean and operational. One of the components of this filtration system is the pool cartridge filter. This filter captures debris and decontaminates the water as the water passes through it. It is necessary to keep this filter cleaned to ensure you’ll be able to use your pool through summer months for years to come. Companies that offer swimming pool maintenance services should be able to perform this replacement in no time. 

When Do You Need To Replace Your Filter?

Over time, your pool cartridge filter will become clogged as it collects debris. Water will not be able to pass through your filter as easily, which will increase the amount of pressure placed on your filter. Because the water will not flow as easily through the filter, your water will begin to decontaminate. You should clean your filter once a month when your pool is in use.

It May Not Be A DIY Project

It is possible to attempt to replace this filter yourself. You’ll have to be sure you purchase a replacement filter that is the exact match for your model of filter. Although it is possible to replace the filter on your own, it may not be in your best interest to do so. Your filter may be dirty beyond repair, and it may need to be replaced. Perhaps you do not feel comfortable performing the repair yourself. Or, you may perform a repair and discover that the filter is still not working properly. No matter what the case, it’s possible that contacting a swimming pool maintenance service to correct the issue is your best course of action.