Consider A Swimming Pool Repair To Prevent Your Budget From Taking A Hit

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Consider A Swimming Pool Repair To Prevent Your Budget From Taking A Hit

Many different components keep your swimming pool in pristine condition. First-time owners often find this out the hard way. They become lost in their thoughts of fun, rest, and relaxation, only to have the cleaning process or an equipment failure send them crashing back to reality. A person must brush the walls and bottom, continually scoop out debris, while also vacuuming up the sand or dirt. The chemicals need to be checked on a regular schedule, but other reading may be required after every rain. Texas weather tends to be erratic, to say the very least, and can go from hot to cold, or calm to gusty, in an instant. Freezing temperatures often cause burst pipes, cracked filter or pump housings, and other types of equipment breakdowns, leaving you in need of a swimming pool repair.

While it does not always ice over in our great state, the recent snowfall shows that anything is possible. The climate allows Spring residents to enjoy their pool all year long, so many owners don’t even bother with the winterizing process. If the water freezes, it puts pressure on different pieces of equipment, and the pump is left trying to push air instead of the H20. The dry firing can result in numerous problems, such as o-rings and seals blowing out. Some people run out and purchase new pieces when these issues occur, but many folks live from one paycheck to the next, and these additional expenses can send their budget into a tailspin. Devices that our organization repairs include, but are not limited to…


• Heaters
• Cleaners
• Pumps
• Filters


These essential parts help your pool remain looking at its best, but when a malfunction occurs, the water ceases to flow. It becomes stagnant, promotes algae growth, and gives harmful bacteria a place to flourish. Rather than being blue or clear, the pool is left with an off-color tint, and on occasion, tadpoles can be seen swimming around. The liquid will produce a pungent, musty smell that makes homeowners want to avoid their backyard. Don’t let your personal paradise turn into a cesspool, and instead, allow our swimming pool repair service to fix the issues, which with any luck, will save you a buck or two in the process. We also offer cleaning, preventative maintenance, power washing, and other procedures that conveniently make your life easier. Give us a call to schedule an appointment, and our technicians will help revamp the eyesore that you used to call your oasis.

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