Droughts, Swimming Pools & You

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Droughts, Swimming Pools & You

Because Texas is such a big state, we get a whole range of different kinds of climate conditions here. From hot, dusty deserts to the occasional snowstorm, Texas gets it all. This can also mean that sometimes, like California, Texas can also get hit with a drought where the rain simply doesn’t come. While that can superficially mean nice weather, without worrying about needing an umbrella, it can be disastrous for crops and water supplies, and even for owners of swimming pools. But how?


Exercise Efficiency


Of course, when water becomes scarce and the city or state is urging people to be less wasteful with their water usage, a swimming pool quickly looks like a very decadent luxury, when care is being taken not to waste portable drinking water. But with good swimming pool maintenance service, not only can you keep a pool in your home, you can still enjoy using it for leisure activities. It all boils down to how smart you are about your usage.

One good swimming pool maintenance service strategy, for example, is taking the time to cover a swimming pool. A covered swimming pool is 90% less prone to evaporation, especially when it’s hot and the air is dry due to drought. Moisture wants to “equalize” in the same way that heat or cold spread out until a space is uniform in temperature, so if you leave a pool exposed to dry, drought-ridden air, it will naturally try to evenly distribute that moisture into the air with rapid evaporation, which is both wasteful and expensive.


Damage To The Pool


Another thing you need to be careful of is that droughts can also damage the pool itself. High temperatures combined with dry air for sustained periods of time can cause plaster to crack, or decking to pull apart. This can sometimes result in leaks that you’re not aware of if the damage isn’t in a place easily seen. However, once your water bills start going up as a result of those leaks, you’ll quickly want to find and get them repaired.

This is why it’s important to take the time to ensure that regular swimming pool maintenance service is conducted on your swimming pool. Not only does it make sense to have an expert come in and take care of things, an expert can spot when there may be a problem that could develop into a full blown crisis if left ignored and unattended.

Droughts come and go, but when they arrive and stay, it can be a challenge for everyone. That doesn’t mean that you and your family can’t enjoy your swimming pool, even during this time. It does mean, however, that you should exercise more care in maintaining your pool and its water level. Water is a precious resource, and if times are lean due to a drought, you should do what you can to preserve the water in your pool. You should also take steps to maintain the condition of the pool itself so you can enjoy more years of use from it.

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