What Happens If You Neglect Your Pool?

Posted by Tim Roadnight
What Happens If You Neglect Your Pool?

Spring, Texas is blessed by the warm weather we enjoy in this state, and it means that having a big, beautiful pool in the backyard makes a lot more sense. With our mild winters, we can enjoy a swimming pool all year round and not have to worry about emptying it for the season. But with the possibility of year round pool activity, you should have experienced, professional swimming pool maintenance like the type Pool Knights is proud to provide to all our customers.

And if you DON’T do this, what can actually happen? How bad can things get if you decide to neglect your pool and let nature take over? Let’s look at how low it can go.

The Green Pool

One of the first things you’ll notice—usually within 14 days—of deciding to stop any kind of cleaning, filtering or other pool service is that your swimming pool will turn green. This is the result of algae; tiny, microscopic organisms, deciding to take up residence in your pool and begin a MASSIVE colony.

This is not just unsightly, it can be a potential biohazard to your household and the entire neighborhood. A green pool means that you now have the perfect breeding ground of mosquitos, who will flock to the area at the right time of year to lay their eggs. Mosquitos aren’t just irritating when they bite, they are capable of transmitting viruses, including West Nile virus and Zika virus.

Limited Lifespan

Not maintaining your pool will also shorten its overall lifespan. With proper swimming pool service, you can enjoy decades of use from your swimming pool, adding value to your property, and making it even more attractive if you decide to sell your home. Neglecting the pool can cut the safe and useful lifespan of a pool by half or more.

Factors like physical matter in your pool, the PH level, and the chlorine level are all things that can affect just how healthy your pool is and, in turn, just how safe it is for people to use and enjoy it. Like the human body, a pool has many parts and components that need to work together to ensure a healthy overall system. Filters, pumps, chlorine and regular pool service all contribute to making sure that your pool doesn’t just look good, but is safe to use, and provides many years of enjoyment while you live in your home.

Take the time to make sure your pool is as healthy as your family. Use Pool Knights to provide professional, efficient swimming pool maintenance service.

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