Let A Reputable Pool Maintenance Company Keep Your Chemical Levels Balanced To Avoid The Adverse Side-Effects

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Let A Reputable Pool Maintenance Company Keep Your Chemical Levels Balanced To Avoid The Adverse Side-Effects

As the word pool becomes mentioned, a person might envision a traditional or more elegant design, but one constant always remains the same. The backyard oasis is in immaculate shape, and the water is crystal-clear. After all, not many people want to swim and relax in H20 with a greenish-yellow tint, nor do they appreciate sustaining cuts from cracked tiles or plaster. However, most visitors to your home do not realize the time and effort that you put into keeping the pool looking its best. They do not understand that balancing chemical levels is essential for all of the swimmers to remain safe.

It is tempting just to dump more chlorine or shock into dirty water, but these substances are not always the appropriate remedy for the problem. Too much of this, or too little of that, results in symptoms that often include…


• Red, itchy eyes
• Difficulty breathing
• Nausea or vomiting
• Blotchy, red skin


Instead of throwing your hard earned money down the drain, by purchasing random over-the-counter products, which may or may not clear up the issue, allow our team the opportunity to show you why so many Spring residents have chosen us as their pool maintenance company. Eliminate the guesswork from the equation, and let our reputable, professional technicians balance your chemical levels appropriately to ensure that the water is safe for everyone to use. We provide an 8-point preventative maintenance program that not only keeps the swimming pool clean and stabilized, but it also allows us to inspect equipment to catch small issues before they become huge. Leaking pump seals, cracked filter housings, and even loose connections can cause the system to suck air, which results in it not operating to its full potential. These issues lead to the water not flowing correctly, and green, yellow, or black algae will begin to form.

Repeated exposure to an imbalanced pool may even damage clothing. High chlorine levels will bleach colors, causing them to fade, until you are unhappy with your swimsuit’s visual appeal. Many people choose to rinse their apparel immediately after getting out of the water, but the bleaching effect has usually already set in, and the washing attempt has a less than stellar outcome. Regardless of what your reasons are for hiring a pool maintenance company, the act can help prolong your swimming hole’s life and make owning a pool less stressful.

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