How Often Should You Clean Your Pool Filter?

Posted by Tim Roadnight
How Often Should You Clean Your Pool Filter?

Your pool’s filter is an important part of the system. It can’t be neglected and needs to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to keep your system running smoothly. Let’s take a look at some of the finer points about cleaning your pool’s filter cartridges.

How Often?

How often you need to clean your filters really depends on the type of filters and your system. Consult your manual or your local pool company to see what they recommend for your system. Do not use a power washer to clean your filters, and once per year you should soak them in a cleaning solution that is available at your local pool store.

Reusable Vs Disposable

Reusable filters can be cleaned on a regular basis. The process usually involves as hose and possibly a burch to get the gunk out of the filter. Disposable filters are a little bit more tricky because you want to be sure you are getting your money out of the filter that you paid for, but you don’t want it to get too gunked up so that the system is struggling to do its job. Your manual should give you a good idea of what to look for with your specific system.


Keep an eye on the PSI of your pool’s filter system. If it rises above 10 psi, that’s a pretty good indicator that you need to clean out your filters. When the filter gets clogged with D.E. it reduces the flow of water over the filter, causing the pressure to rise in the system. If left uncleaned for an extended period of time, you can cause damage to your system.

Too Much Water Flow

If you have too much water flowing over your filter cartridge, you may also notice a decrease in the life span of the filter. With too much water, the filter won’t be able to do its job, and debris will pass right through the filter and back into the pool. Then your filter will end up doing double duty in straining out the debris that keeps cycling through the pool.

Filter maintenance can be a delicate balance of timing and water flow. Give Pool Knights a call and we will be happy to help you get your pool running the best that it can run. We’ve got years of experience and can help you get the most out of your pool this season.

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