How Often To Service Your Pool

Posted by Tim Roadnight
How Often To Service Your Pool

Keeping up with pool cleaning and repair can be added stress to your normal weekly pressures. There are many intricacies that go into keep up your pool. It may seem obvious that having our pool serviced more often would be the better answer to the question of how frequently service should happen but we are honest Pool Knights. The amount of service we recommend Is really going to depend on you and how much work you are willing to put into your pool when we cannot be there.  

Weekly Pool Service

A weekly pool service in Texas is quite nice actually. The weekly service might be necessary if you want to do the minimal amount of work to maintain your pool, just let us do it. If all you want to do is clean out some baskets every once in awhile and use the pool often then this amount of service makes sense. Have someone else come and check the chemicals and water levels.

Most people trying to maintain their pool are just guessing anyway. When a professional comes each week it allows us to keep an eye on any potential problems or repairs and prevent them from becoming bigger problems. Honestly, your pool will function at the highest level and save you time, effort and money if you use a weekly pool service.

Bi-Weekly Pool Service

A bi-weekly pool service program in Texas is recommended for the people who are really interested in taking on  more of the responsibility for the pool. Meaning they understand and know when and how to maintain all the levels in the pool and run the pumps and filters. Owners with more pool experience may fall in this category because they may have a better idea of when repairs are needed and how to prevent sanitation issues, which  in turn leads to them needing less help.

It is still a good idea to add the bi-weekly pool service to your schedule as the clean will be deeper and a new set of eyes on any potential problems is important to prevention. The beauty of having Pool Knights assist you with your pool functions is that you can communicate with us on what is best for you. It is very helpful for a pool professional to know what you have been doing with your pool upkeep so we can work together to keep your service as supportive as possible.

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