Pool Emptying & Cleaning

When a pool gets left alone too long, without correct chemical balance of water flow it deteriorates quickly. When the pool surface is deeply stained, you can no longer see the bottom to deal with the debris and establish why the water is no longer flowing, the only solution is to drain the pool, acid wash the surface and refill.

This is a recent job on a Houston town home, which upon emptying was found to have not only a bucket of paint at the bottom, but also numerous roofing shingles blocking the main drains and circulation. See below….

Green Algae

Many pools experience issues with green algae. Sometimes it sits on the surface of the pool, others it completely takes over the pool, leaving your back garden pride and joy resembling the green lily pond on the farm!

Below, are some before and after pictures of clients that joined and we service on our 8 Point Program.

Black Algae

Following heavy rain many pools experience algae. Here’s an example of one suffering from black algae. Black algae is one of the hardest to treat as its roots can grow into the plaster or concrete. It also develops a protective layer to protect itself from chlorine. Firstly, its not just chlorine to balance, you need to ensure pH is 7.4 – 7.6 and alkalinity is between 120 – 150ppm. Next hard vigorous brushing of the entire pool to break it down. Then, shock, for 3 – 4 days, then, to ensure its completely killed, ‘black out’. You will then need to continue to treat the pool, brush regularly and balance the chemicals correctly. Here’s one we took on two weeks ago and the result after our expert work.

Filter Cleaning

Filter cleaning is very important in maintaining the pool year round. The filter plays a key part in the swimming pool’s filtration system and periodically requires cleaning to ensure the equipment will perform and maintain the cleanliness of the pool water. To explain, when the filters are clean the water will easily pass through it, as the filter does its job, the debris accumulates on the filter and the pressure on the filter’s pressure gauge will increase. When that pressure rises >25% of the clean psi, then it is time to clean. Here’s some examples of before and after….




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