Pool Plaster Repair: When Do I Need It?

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Pool Plaster Repair: When Do I Need It?

Have you noticed cracking, chipping, or hollow spots in the plaster of your pool? As a gunite or concrete pool ages, the layer of plaster on top will need repair to keep your pool looking good and in proper shape.

Understanding your pool

Gunite, a mixture of cement, sand, and water, is combined with a rebar frame to give the pool its structure. The plaster is applied to the surface of the gunite to provide a water barrier. Gunite is porous, so the plaster must be properly used and maintained to avoid seepage. If you are seeing any damage to the plaster, a trained pool repair professional can thoroughly assess the situation, seal leaks, and replaster as needed.

But, you may not always see the spots where plaster needs repair. An area of plaster may have separated from the gunite beneath it, creating a hollow spot that will cause further damage if not properly fixed. Gently tap on the sides of the pool to see if you can identify any of these spots. If the plaster has separated from the gunite, you will hear a hollow sound.

Why does this damage occur?

Cracks, chips, and hollow spots in your pool’s plaster can be caused by a variety of factors. If the ground shifts, as a result of an earthquake, freezing or thawing of the ground, or a change in the water table, the structure and plaster is susceptible to cracking. The plaster can wear over time just with weather exposure, foot traffic, and being in contact with hard or heavy objects. Sometimes, the plaster was not applied correctly the first time and you may be noticing your pool losing water.

Should I repair it myself?

Pool plaster repair is not the easiest job, nor is done without risks. A pool repair professional can determine the extent of the plaster damage, if any structural issues exist, and repair your pool safely, timely, and effectively. Check out our testimonials and see why we are the trusted choice for pool maintenance and repairs in the greater Houston area.

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