Pressure Power Washing Services

Your swimming pool area becomes a hive of activity during summer months, numerous barbecues, parties, and events can result in the area around the pool becoming dirty. Add rain to that area and rapidly you’ll see mold, mildew, and algae growth. Not only are these growths displeasing, they also result in slippery surfaces. By pressure power washing, those areas and keeping them maintained you can blow away any debris, growths and spilled chemicals that occurred when you treated the pool. The longer you leave those stains the harder it is to remove and the sooner remedial action will need to be undertaken.

Relaxing by the pool should be just that relaxing, make the pool area as sparkling as the pool itself!

Contact Pool Knights for your FREE quote. We provide complete pool maintenance services to meet your individual needs.  We can provide power washing services during pool opening and closing, weekly and monthly. Whatever your needs are we will do in a reliable, clean and courteous way.


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