How to Remove Stubborn Pool Stains

Posted by Tim Roadnight
How to Remove Stubborn Pool Stains

Your pool should be a beautiful addition to your yard so it can be disheartening to look out at your investment and see several unsightly pool stains. Swimming pool stains can be difficult to deal with and remove.

What Causes Pool Stains?

Typically, most swimming pool stains are caused by metal or organic reasons. Metal stains can easily be caused by corroded pipes or well water and improperly balanced chemicals. Organic stains are usually caused by organic matter such as plants, algae, and leaves. If you are unsure of what is causing the stain, then you can use the color of the stain to make an educated guess concerning what may be causing it.

Green and brown stains can usually be traced to organic matter. If the stains are blue or red in appearance than they may be from berries in the area. For other, darker stains such as dark blue, green, and even black then it most likely was not caused by organic matter. Rather, the stain could be from manganese. Other colors such as reddish or brown can be caused by well water and iron or even copper.

How to Remove Swimming Pool Stains

Once you have determined what may be causing the stain in your swimming pool, you will be better equipped to try to remove the stains. However, if you can’t determine the cause of the stain, then you can also purchase a stain test kit to help you.

Organic Stains

To remove organic stains, you should first remove the organic matter from the surface of the pool. You can then acid wash the pool and try an enzyme shock treatment combined with a stiff scrub brush to begin to remove the stains. You will then shock the pool with chlorine and remove any localized stains you see. If you want to skip the chemicals, you can try using an abrasive scrub.

Other Stains

For other stains like metal, rust, or copper you can fill a sock or pipe with ascorbic acid and place it over the stain for approximately 30 seconds to one minute. You will then move it in a circular motion over the stain, increasing the diameter with each revolution. The acid should begin to eat away the stain.

If you are unsure of the above methods or prefer to consult with a knowledgeable company about the best ways to remove these stubborn pool stains, then contact us at Pool Knights.