Eight Tips For Dealing With Heavy Pollen

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Tips For Dealing With Heavy Pollen

In the spring and summer, and even sometimes in the fall, you may be dealing with higher than usual pollen levels. This can wreak havoc on your pool and your filtration system. There are a few tips on dealing with heavy pollen that you can use to keep your system performing the best that it can, and you’ll also have to give it a little bit of extra help.

● Empty the filter baskets often. They can easily get clogged and require more cleaning than usual to keep the system running as efficiently as it can be. You may also want to hose off any baskets to remove the build up, or take a light brush to the mesh to remove all the gunk.

● Empty the pump basket on a regular basis. Don’t forget about this one. It can be hidden inside the pump itself, so people often forget about it.

● If the rain makes your pool too full, be sure to drain it back to a normal level. The filter system can’t work if the water level is too high.

● Use a pool net or a leaf rake to remove large debris from the bottom of your pool. Don’t let it sit in the pool for too long, or it will start to fall apart and create more of a mess. You should also remove any large debris from the area around your pool.

● Trim back branches that are hanging over your pool. Try to avoid having trees around your pool that drop lots of pollen or other debris like flower petals to keep your pool cleaner for longer. If you do have a lot of these trees, it may be time to call in a tree removal company. If you like having the trees around your pool, you can replace them with a tree that does not drop as much debris.

● If it is high debris time, you may want to up your chlorine levels a bit to keep any algae from forming on your pool walls, and other bacteria from growing in your pool. Bring your water to a professional testing site to have it tested, or have a professional come out and test it for you to make sure you are maintaining the correct levels for your pool.

● Balance the chlorine levels first in your pool, then the alkalinity and then the pH levels. Once all your chemical levels are balanced, shock your pool.

● Add algaecide after the high chlorine levels go back to normal. This will help to prevent anything from growing in your pool.

If you are experiencing high pollen levels or other debris, call Pool Knights to come fix it for you. We can help you remove the debris, and take the guesswork out of balancing all the chemicals for you. We can test your water and get you back to normal in no time. Stop cleaning and start calling!

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