Types Of Pool Filters

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Types Of Pool Filters

Most pool systems come with one of three main types of filter systems. Each one is slightly different from the other, with pros and cons. Understanding your filter system will allow you to take care of your pool in the best way possible.

Sand Filter System

A sand filter does indeed contain sand. The water from your pool is piped into the sand, allowing the water to run through the grains of sand. The sand helps to filter out the debris from the pool water. The dirty water stays towards the top, and the clean water filters down through the bottom layer. In order to clean the filter, you need to backwash the system, essentially draining out the dirty water.


Cartridges are known as the easiest way to clean your pool. They pop in and out and are usually easy to maintain. Cartridges have a lot of surface area and are good at catching the floating debris in your pool. They don’t clog up as easily and they are designed to run at a lower pressure than sand filters. They only need to be cleaned once or twice per season, helping you to save water in your pool.

DE Filter

DE or Diatomaceous Earth, is made up of the exoskeletons of diatoms. They work to filter out the impurities in the water, making your pool sparkly clean. The particles of DE are very small and fit together to filter almost everything out of the water. Like sand, the DE filter needs to be backwashed in order to be cleaned. The DE is poured into the skimmer basket where it does down into the system. Once it settles, it is ready to do its job. More DE needs to be added periodically in order to recharge the system.

If you need help understanding your filter system, Pool Knights is here to help. We can provide all the servicing that your system needs during the year in order to keep your pool up and running. Avoid costly repairs later and call us to come service your pool when needed.

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