Water Testing Tips

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Water Testing Tips

In order to maintain your pool’s health, you need to be sure to test the water on a regular basis. It can be a complicated process and is sometimes best left up to the experts. But if you are planning to attempt it yourself, we have a few tips and tricks to help get you started.

Getting Your Sample

When you are preparing to test your water, it is best to grab a sample from about 12 to 18 inches below the surface. You’ll also want to make sure that the pool has been on and circulating for about an hour or so to make sure the water is all mixed together. If you grab a sample from too close to the surface, you may end up with contaminants and other factors that you weren’t planning on. Oils from sunscreens can collect on the top and interfere with the testing process.

High Chlorine Levels

High chlorine levels indicate that your pool water has too much chlorine. If your test reveals a high chlorine level, it can also mess up other chemical levels such as pH and the total alkalinity. First, neutralize the chlorine and then test the water again for the other chemicals. Otherwise your readings will not be accurate. Chlorine also burns off during the day, so if you are having chlorine problems, you should also test in the morning to get the most accurate reading.

Test Kits

There are several different types of test kits on the market, but there are some basic guidelines that apply to most of them:

  • It takes 10 to 20 seconds for the test to change colors. If you don’t see any change, wait a couple more seconds.
  • Be sure your test kit has not expired. The supplies have an expiration date, so check them and know when they expire to get the most accurate readings.
  • Even if you use a test kit, get your water professionally tested at least once a year. If you are using the same inaccurate test kit over and over again, you may not even realize that the results are not right.
  • Slowly add the ingredients to the water. Too much all at once can skew the results.
  • Add chemicals to the water AFTER testing.

If you are having troubles with your pool water, our team at Pool Knights is here to help. We can balance chemicals for you, and even do the testing to avoid a guessing game. Give us a call and we’ll be headed your way with help.

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