Weekly Or One-Time Cleaning Service For Added Convenience

Posted by Tim Roadnight
Weekly Or One-Time Cleaning Service For Added Convenience


Many of us live from paycheck to paycheck, and adding a weekly expense like pool cleaning to the mix is almost unbearable. Various companies try to get service or maintenance contracts signed to prevent customers from seeking help elsewhere.

At Pool Knights, we offer a weekly pool management package that is reasonably priced to be as budgetary-friendly as possible.

However, many Spring residents do not want this additional expense lurking over their should every week. They are capable of handling their chemical balances, scrubbing, and other needs throughout the swimming season, and only wish to employ a one-time cleaning service. Well, look no further because our organization has you covered.

Our technicians will clean your pool thoroughly without leaving you feeling obligated to buy or do more. They will inspect the equipment, alert you of any problems that may arise, and fix them as long as you give the okay. The filter will become cleaned, leaves skimmed from the surface, and other debris will be removed from the pool. Meanwhile, a check of the chemicals will take place, adjustments made to put levels in balance, and the water will be left crystal clear and ready for the season. Why pay for more service than you need? Allow us to show you why so many homeowners rely on our one-time cleaning service to get their pool in tip-top shape.

Vacuuming And Scrubbing The Walls Are Essential To The Cleaning Process

Utilizing a net to remove leaves from the water is beneficial, but it is not nearly enough to get a pool where it needs to be for swimming. Brushing the walls to separate algae growth or stuck-on grime from the surface is a necessity, and so is vacuuming dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool. Without these actions, skimming leaves is a futile task, and you will be left wondering why the water is turning green. We treat all of our clients respectably and professionally, whether they use our assistance frequently, or just the one-time cleaning service that we offer.

If you live in Spring or the Woodlands area, own a swimming pool, and find yourself in need of a proven cleaning company, give us a call to schedule reliable service today.

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